Tartu Ulikool

Project title: Investigation of energy transfer processes in the solid solutions of complex oxides 
Researcher :
Viktoriia Levushkina
Supervisor :Drs. M.G. Brik, M. Kirm, D. Spasskyi

Project description

To develop the synthesis methods of macro- and nanostructured solid solutions of complex oxides(phosphates, vanadates)pure and doped with rare-earth ions; to characterize their structure, phase composition, particle size and morphology.
To investigate electronic structure and luminescence properties of the rare-earth ion containing solid solutions; to study energy transfer processes to emission centres under conditions of enhanced surface-to-bulk ratio.
To perform theoretical calculations of the position of energy levels of rare-earth ions placed in the bulk and surface of macro- and nanostructured solid solutions with respect to the host band structure.
Tasks and methodology:
Selection and further development of the appropriate methods for the synthesis of doped oxides (hydrothermal, combustion, sol-gel methods, solid-state chemistry).
Characterization of the synthesized compounds by the EPMA, XRF, XRD, micro-Raman, SEM.
Investigation of the synthesized compounds by the methods of time-resolved spectroscopy under various excitations including tuneable synchrotron radiation, UV-XUV laser pulses and pulsed electron beams.
Application of the well-established ab initio methods of calculations for bulk materials and nanostructures activated with trivalent rare-earth ions in combination with semiempirical crystal field models resulting in a unified picture of electronic and optical properties of doped materials . 



Conference presentations:

LUMINET meetings :

LUMINET Seminar, 19 July 2014, Wrocław, Poland
LUMINET Autumn Meeting, September 2014, Ausburg, Germany
LUMINET Spring Meeting, 3-6 March 2015, Verona, Italy
LUMINET Autumn Meeting, 25 September 2015, Tartu, Estonia
LUMINET Spring Meeting, 21-22 March, Aveiro, Portugal
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