Università degli studi di Verona

Project title: Fast emitting oxide scintillators 
Irene Carrasco Ruiz
Supervisor: Marco Bettinelli,Co-supervisor:Martin Nikl

Project description

To synthesize new undoped and Pr- and Nd-doped complex phosphates and silicates as nanopowders and conventional powders, with the aim of obtaining new scintillator materials.
To characterize their structural, optical, luminescence and scintillation characteristics
To find out relation between chemical composition of the host, the properties measured, technology-specific material defects and scintillation performance/application potential

Tasks and methodology:
Preparation of materials in the project (UNIVR).
Characterization by the absorption and time-resolved luminescence spectroscopies, thermoluminescence, electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR).
Evaluation of correlated experiments. Fellow will participate in all the performed experiments and will make all related data evaluation.

Secondments: Institute of Physics AS CR Prague, Czech Republic; Tartu University, Tartu, Estonia. 



I.Carrasco, K. Bartosiewicz, M. Nikl, F. Piccinelli, M. Bettinelli, „Energy transfer processes in Ca3Tb2‑xEuxSi3O12 (x=0-2)”, Optical Materials 48 (2015) 252–257

Confrerences presentations:

1. G. LongoI. Carrasco, K. Bartosiewicz, F. Piccinelli, M. Nikl and M. Bettinelli, „5d-4fradioluminescence in Pr3+-doped K3YxLu1‑x (PO4)2”,NATO ADVANCED STUDY INSTITUTE ON NANO-OPTICS: PRINCIPLES ENABLING BASIC RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS. Boston College, Summer school in"Centro di Cultura Scientifica Ettore Majorana." (CCSEM), 4-19 July, 2015, Erice, Italy
2. I. Carrasco, F. Piccinelli, K. Bartosiewicz and M. Bettinelli,„Tb3+-Eu3+ energy transfer processes in oxide materials”, 9th International Conference on Luminescent Detectors and Transformers of Ionizing Radiation (LUMDETR 2015), 20-25 September, 2015, Tartu, Estonia
3.I. Carrasco, „Luminescent properties of new phosphors Ca3M2Si3O12:Tb,Eu”, LUMINET Autumn Meeting, 25 September 2015, Tartu, Estonia
4. M. Trevisani, K.V. Ivanovskikh, F. Piccinelli, I. Carrasco, M. Bettinelli;5d-4f  Luminescence of Rare Earth ions in new oxide hosts,Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (35th PIERS 2014); Guangzhou, China. August, 2014.
5. M. Trevisani, K.V. Ivanovskikh, F. Piccinelli, I. Carrasco and M. Bettinell, Interconfigurational 5d-4f  Luminescence of Lanthanide ions in new inorganic hosts, International Conference on Luminescence and Optical Spectroscopy of Condensed Matter (17th ICL 2014); Wroclaw, Poland. July, 2014.
6. M. Trevisani, F. Piccinelli, I. Carrasco and M. Bettinelli.Fast UV Interconfigurational 5d-4f  Luminescence of Pr3+ in Li6Y(BO3)3, International Ceramic Congress (13th CIMTEC 2014), Montecatini Terme, Italy. June, 2014
7. M. Trevisani, F. Piccinelli, I. Carrasco, M. Bettinelli , Fast UV Interconfigurational 5d-4f  Luminescence of Pr3+ in Li6Y(BO3)3, International Workshop on Photoluminescence in Rare Earths (PRE’14): photonic materials and devices; San Sebastián, Spain. May, 2014

LUMINET meetings :

LUMINET Seminar, 19 July 2014, Wrocław, Poland
LUMINET Autumn Meeting, September 2014, Ausburg, Germany
LUMINET Spring Meeting, 3-6 March 2015, Verona, Italy
LUMINET Autumn Meeting, 25 September 2015, Tartu, Estonia
LUMINET Spring Meeting, 21-22 March, Aveiro, Portugal
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