Universitat de València

Project title: Electroluminescent devices based on ionic transition metal complexes 
Giulia Longo

Supervisor: Dr. Hendrik Bolink

Project description

Design of electronic, ionic charge transporting and light emitting materials that can be processed into thin films using solution based techniques leading to photoluminescence quantum yields higher than 50%.
Development of solution processable light-emitting devices employing ionic transition metal complexes, having a power efficiency in excess of 25 lumen/Watt.
Set-up a technique that enables the determination of the ionic conductivities in the thin film structures.
Tasks and methodology:
Selection of iTMC with a high photoluminescence quantum yield in solution (jointly with P6). Optimization of thin film morphology by incorporation of suitable ionic materials, both small molecular weight and polymeric.
Integration of the solution processed thin films into single and multilayer devices in a clean room environment.
 Use transient techniques to establish the current density originating from ionic motion in the solid films.

Secondment: OSRAM GmbH, Germany



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LUMINET meetings :

LUMINET Autumn Meeting, September 2014, Ausburg, Germany
LUMINET Spring Meeting, 3-6 March 2015, Verona, Italy
LUMINET Autumn Meeting, 25 September 2015, Tartu, Estonia
LUMINET Spring Meeting, 21-22 March, Aveiro, Portugal

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